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DISCLAIMER: If there is any possible employer looking at this, I promise I have very strong written and verbal communications skills, this is just what my writing looks like in the middle of the night when vyvanse has worn off and I don't edit it to make sense. <3

I’ve been wanting to start a blog, but I mostly didn’t trust myself to keep it from being too cliché or to avoid turning it into assignments for myself. Assignments with pressure and due dates and required topics and way too many words. Assignments is only a word, but even now, just typing it brings back feelings of discomfort and guilt, a lot of guilt. Having adhd sucks, it’s awesome but I’ll write about that later. When it comes to assignments or due dates or pressure to complete a task on someone else’s clock- adhd is not always a helpful tool. Another possible problem with this blog is that it might be a confusing ramble sometimes. I think its pretty funny, when things make no sense or jump from topic to topic, but clearly, I have adhd. So there’s a fat chance this blog will just be for me, but hopefully at the least some other adhd brains out there find it legible. I’m excited though because I have a lot of stories. Another thing about adhd is that it’ll take you into very interesting situations, constantly. It doesn’t take very long for impulsive decisions and a need for stimulation to backfire. I’ve learned a thing or two or three or four from (a whole lot of) therapy too, and if it helps anyone else in similar situations, that’s amazing. For a long time, I couldn’t think of how to start a blog; I had a lot of ideas for different topics but I had no idea how to create a cohesive and unified presentation on something that is anything but: adhd. So this is it, this is my first rambley post where I try to explain and validate the way my brain works, the way adhd brains work. I have a lot to say. It may or may not make sense.

Also I think its technically incorrect but I will not be capitalizing adhd (like ADHD) because it's just tew much when you say adhd a lot.

pce n luvs,



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