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You hear it more & more:

"Everyone has ADHD."

"ADHD is just a made up excuse for lazy people ."

"It's just bad parenting ."

And it's true, everyone experiences these symptoms from time to time, but that doesn't necessarily mean everyone has ADHD.

Symptoms can include: trouble organizing, trouble listening, trouble remembering, easily distracted, forgetting to do daily activities, have difficulty waiting turns, impulsive emotional responses, daydreaming, etc.

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In a world where everything is grabbing for your attention, it can seem like more and more people are losing control of their focus, but the reality of fully living with ADHD is a little different. It comes with a unique perspective that can make succeeding in standardized systems a different challenge. It comes with advantages though, too! Like...


We usually have a pretty different but interesting perspective of the world around us 



If we're interested in a task, we are able to hyperfocus & block out the world around us


who needs planning? we like to live in the moment


we're idea people


We don't really have a choice, it's who we are!


Michael Phelps, Simone Biles, & Terry Bradshaw are a few examples of ADHD being advantageous

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